How to be a Dealer?

Most of the RHINO® EQUIPMENT machines are sold through dealers, distributors, and resale network companies around the world. RHINO® is always looking to expand its Dealer Distribution Network.

We are looking for companies or individuals with business experience who have successfully owned or managed multiple business units, and have significant logistics and financial resources and capabilities. In the case of not having dealer experience, we will provide you with all the support you need to become a successful Rhino® Equipment dealer.



RHINO® EQUIPMENT has a selective process when choosing its dealers. It carefully examines all the profile qualities and experiences of every applicant one by one, and reserves all of the decisions made. In order to be a RHINO® EQUIPMENT dealer, it is necessary to complete a list of requirements depending on the business plan, location, capabilities, and skills. A RHINO® dealer must understand that customer satisfaction is the key to a long term success.


Dealer Application


If you are interested in becoming a RHINO® EQUIPMENT dealer and you already read the steps on how to be a dealer, please download the Dealer Application form below, enter your information, save it, and send it back to us with your interests and area. A representative of our Dealer Support department will contact you shortly.

Anyone is encouraged to apply. All requests are confidential and of internal use for RHINO® EQUIPMENT only. We will perform a preliminary review of the proposed business, financial, and logistic capacity of all the applicants.

RHINO® EQUIPMENT GROUP is an American company of construction machinery and we are continuously expanding and establishing our brand all around the world by setting dealers in every region of the globe.

You will see the links for each type of application, please click on the link below that accommodates better to the type of dealer you want to be. The basic data form is a quick way for you to provide us with your information before you decide what type of dealer you want to be.

We have a procedure for selecting dealers which divides into two sections: Hydraulic Hammers dealer and dealer of the complete line of RHINO® EQUIPMENT machines.