Rhino Equipment® is the result of the collaboration of various private equity business groups with more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing, production, and commercialization of machines for construction, demolition, mining, and power generation with applications and acceptance around the globe.

In 1987 Rhino Equipment® pioneered the industry fabricating and using hydraulic hammers with an open-body design with a gas accumulator. This innovation increased the equipment’s performance and reduced the wear and tear they are submitted to. The latter defined what would come to be Rhino Hammers® Hydraulic Hammers with Gas Accumulator. These hammers are distinguishable today due to their high energy impact force and their low consumption of fluids and oils. Their tested and resistant design protects them from the stresses they endure during the long work hours, and the hostile and severe environments they are present in. After almost three decades, all of our hammers and line of machinery for construction and mining, Rhino Equipment®, have a great and ample reputation worldly known.


In 2005, our line of equipment such as hammers, excavators, earth moving and compacting equipment, loaders, and others merged into one and only brand known as Rhino Equipment®. Due to the latter we became very well recognized and positioned in all of the fields in the construction and mining industries.


Nowadays, Rhino Equipment® is one of the major construction machinery manufacturers in the world. Our company has seven factories that fabricate, assemble, and store our complete line of products. They are strategically positioned in different territories such as the United States of America, China, and Korea. Our machines have components from China, Korea, North America, and many other nationalities that meet all quality standards worldwide. This way we can fulfill the requirements and demands made by our dealers that are already established. In addition, we employ over 1,500 people directly and indirect and we are present on five continents. We offer, commercialize, and support our products in more than 100 countries throughout our wide chain of representatives and dealerships around the world.