October, 2018


The European Institute of Efficient Intelligences, in partnership with Ismael Cala, presented MASTERMIND Latino from October 18 to 20.


Ismael Cala is one of the most popular faces in Latin America and the Hispanic market in the United States. For five and a half years he presented his talk show at CNN's prime time in Spanish, live for the entire continent.


Master Mind Latino is a program aimed at entrepreneurs, consultants, and Spanish-American senior executives taught in Spanish, exclusive and intensive immersion in business techniques and leadership, where eight corporate presidents, became professors for a day to share their business strategies.


Each speaker presented for three hours an interview format, television style, and moderated by the prestigious communicator Ismael Cala.


From left to right: Javier Cárdenas, president and CEO of Rhino Eq, Alvaro Uribe, ex-president of Colombia, Juan Mesa, Dealer Development Manager Rhino Eq.

Alvaro Uribe: Former President of Colombia received the Master Mind Latin 2018 Award.

From left to right: Ismael Cala, Alvaro Uribe, Former President of Colombia.

From left to right: Javier Cárdenas president and CEO Rhino Eq, Ismael Cala, Juan Mesa Dealer Development Manager Rhino Eq.

Master Mind Latino closing dinner.

From left to right: Ismael Cala, Luis Ubiñas, Alexander W Wehr, Carmen Gonzales Sanfeliu, Ángel Sánchez, Luis Ángel López, Kike Santander, Juan Manuel Gonzales Serna, Jose Maria Zas, Marco Landucci.